The Wilderness Press was first conceived in late 2010 as a sister company to run alongside newly established Wild Ilk Design Studio. In our heads, they were two sides of the same coin. Wild Ilk for client work, The Wilderness Press for personal and experimental work.

Having set up our design studio in the middle of a recession, sacrifices were inevitably made. TWP had to take a back seat, occasionally making an appearance for a limited print run here and there but otherwise confined to wistful discussions and covert planning… but the plan never faded, it was just waiting for the right time.

So here it is, as if by magic. We plan to offer our own personal work as well as an eclectic mix of objects and ephemera that are in some way related to our practice or that we find interesting. As well as this, we’re working on ways in which we can collaborate with other artists and designers who we admire.

There’s much more in the pipeline so watch this space…